Master the art of being interviewed on TV and radio

There’s an old saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ It applies equally to representing your company or organisation should you appear on television, radio, podcasts, or any form of broadcast via social media, such as Instagram TV.

Every single day people are interviewed by journalists. Some of these concern very serious issues; many are reasonably important and all of them will be recorded to sit in the archives.

Whatever the subject, if you go into an interview scenario unprepared there is a strong possibility you will come away from it dissatisfied with your performance and feeling you haven’t got your message across. So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen?

Use the expertise from John Roder Media Training, based in South West England, serving clients in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and beyond.

Appearing on radio and TV isn’t as daunting as it sounds, and with media training tailored to your requirements, you’ll be fully prepared.

With individually designed sessions, we will take you through how to master the art of being interviewed on TV and radio.

We will provide you with expert advice, so you look and sound relaxed whilst on-air, promoting your brand and creating opportunities for new business.

We can offer a full day, half day, or even an hour of training, to help you prepare for a media interview, whether that is business or sports related. Training can be provided at your offices, in fully equipped broadcast studios, or online.

Between us, our team have done every job in front of and behind the camera / microphone. You won’t find a more experienced group of trainers to help deliver your message in the most professional manner possible.

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“John's expert guidance was crucial to the success of a high-profile live broadcast on PlymouthLive ahead of the 2019 General Election. As a print and online journalist, I faced presenting and chairing a live debate with election candidates having had very little on-screen experience. With just a few hours tuition and preparation from John, the task at hand felt a lot less daunting. His professionalism, experience and ability to calmly and honestly convey simple but key tips and advice helped my confidence and, most importantly, the quality of the live broadcast immeasurably.”

Edd Moore, Editor Plymouth Live

Why John Roder Media Training?

I have spent many years working in broadcast media and conducted thousands of interviews in my career with people from all walks of life.

The pandemic meant more people than ever were seen on screen, often from their own homes. While watching and listening to them, it became obvious there was a role that experienced media professionals could play in helping people to achieve greater effectiveness whilst talking to a camera and microphone.

The skills our trainers have acquired working in the media have an application in everyday life; because appearing on screen and appearing on all sorts of media is now not just for professionals, but for a wide range of people who have never had training in presenting themselves that way.

Communicating through a screen and microphone is undoubtedly now a part of our working life, and we would all want to be comfortable and confident in this new way of interacting. Our training prepares you for an interview in the traditional broadcast media (TV and radio) as well as podcasts and webinars.

Our aim is to enable you to be confident and relaxed when appearing on camera. In the media industry people who are known as “good talkers” are frequent guests on radio and TV programmes. You can achieve this with the guidance of our highly skilled professionals who come together to provide you with a package of training that is designed for you, your company or organisation.

“I always felt that I could do better whenever I was interviewed for TV or radio, but I didn’t really know how. John Roder demonstrated and then taught me different methods to improve my performance when talking about our business. This included dealing with different scenarios, how to focus on what I am saying, and the way that I project my voice in the best possible way. I now feel totally prepared to deliver the message I want to get across about our award winning sustainable restaurant here in South Devon.”

Tim Bouget, Owner Ode True Food Shaldon.


There are three main courses available, as detailed below, but remember each one is tailored to your individual requirements.

For all media training enquiries, please email [email protected]


  • An introduction to dealing with broadcast media.
  • How to prepare and deliver when interviewed for TV and radio.
  • Getting your message heard, using the right verbal and body language.
  • How to embrace talking to a camera and microphone.
  • Useful tips to improve your performance.


  • Different types of interview locations; studios large and small, at a broadcaster or remote self-operated.
  • Green screen interviews.
  • Down-the-line live interviews for TV, using an earpiece.
  • Making a good and positive impression when appearing as a guest on discussion shows for both TV and radio.
  • How to deliver a sound bite quote.
  • Frequently made mistakes, and how to avoid them.


  • Dealing with crisis management interviews, including being ‘door-stepped’ by reporters demanding answers.
  • How to respond to aggressive questioning and what never to do when giving an interview in this situation.
  • The importance of examples to quote so the viewer/listener relates to your point of view.
  • Taking control of a highly charged debate.
“If you become known as a good talker for your particular organisation, you will get asked back, which is excellent publicity.”

John Roder


All of our trainers have many years experience working in the media, on an international, national, regional and local basis. We will help you tell your story in the best possible way, and this will lead to you becoming a regular guest on TV and radio, thus creating a positive image for your company, organisation or brand.

John Roder

John has been a freelance broadcaster since 1994 and has worked for every sports TV channel in the UK. He is now best known as a commentator for BBC TV’s Match of the Day, which he joined in 2004. John has travelled the world for FIFA, including at five World Cups, and is an associate lecturer at Marjon University. He started in local radio, both commercial and BBC, and has conducted thousands of interviews in over 35 years working in the media.

Dave Miles

Dave works regularly as a senior producer at major sporting competitions for governing bodies FIFA, UEFA, World Rugby and the IOC, as well as music events for the BBC. He spent 20 years at Sky Sports, and before that was at ITN, Hayters Agency and the Watford Observer. Dave is also an associate lecturer at Marjon University.

Hamish Marshall

Hamish is a familiar face who covered some of the South West’s biggest stories for the daily news programme ‘Spotlight’ in 27 years with the BBC. He was one of the corporation’s trainers for English regions, and whether it is news or sport, radio or tv, live reporting, editorial decision making or nurturing new talent he is in his comfort zone. Hamish has held editorial and production roles for Olympic Broadcast Services at every Games since 2010.

Anna Turns

Anna has worked in TV, radio and print journalism for 20 years. As an experienced environmental journalist focusing on solutions, progress and innovation, she writes regularly for national publications such as Guardian, Telegraph, Evening Standard, Coast, Positive News and Wicked Leeks. She also teaches journalism students at Plymouth Marjon University.

Crispin Holmes

Crispin is an award winning Lighting Cameraman, who has filmed all around the world. He has worked for every major global TV channel and has taught media skills in many different countries. From news to showbiz, sport to corporate, Crispin has done it all, and like all our tutors, has a deep understanding of what makes good television.

Mike Baker

Mike is the programme leader on the Journalism Courses at Marjon University in Plymouth. A former sports editor of the Western Morning News, he started his career at the Plymouth Herald before moving to The Guardian as commissioning and sports night editor, where he remains a contributor.

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